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Microbial Contamination – A Big Reason to Keep Your Mini Splits Clean

microbial contamination

In a nutshell, microbial contamination refers to the growth of microorganisms. You’ll often hear about it when there’s a botulism or listeria breakout somewhere that’s tied to poor food safety practices. These organisms can also create a safety hazard in your ductless mini split AC system.

Why are Mini Split Systems Vulnerable?

Your mini split unit becomes susceptible to microbial contamination when dust (often comprised of biological spores and organic particles) gets through the filter, lands on heat transfer sources, and then combines with the moisture produced by the unit.  The spores then germinate and start to grow, which triggers the contamination.

How to Identify Contamination

Visible growth of mold and mildew are a clear sign of microbial contamination. These potential allergens are difficult to remove and mean your mini split system is overdue for maintenance, including complete sanitization.

Smell Something? Your Mini Split System is Dirty

If you can’t do a visual check of your mini split unit, your nose is a pretty good tool to tell if microbial contamination is happening. The growth of spores generally creates a less than fresh scent. HydroKleen VA specializes in mini split maintenance and sanitization. We can make sure your unit is microbe-free, remove the smell, and get the system up and running cleanly and efficiently in no time.

Mysterious Allergy Symptoms?

There are plenty of reasons why family members may be sneezing or experiencing breathing issues, but if your physician hasn’t been able to determine a cause, it could be your mini split system. Microbial contamination can contribute to allergy symptoms and even worsen conditions such as asthma so it’s important to keep your mini splits systems clean.

HydroKleen VA Uses Safe Cleaning Products

Cleaning mini splits systems is the key to eliminating microbial contamination, but using toxic, harsh chemicals doesn’t promote healthy air in the home. At HydroKleen VA, the liquid cleaning agents we use are non-toxic, 100 percent biodegradable, and environmentally friendly. Our cleaning and sanitizing process means virtual eradication of microbial contamination and cleaner air.

HydroKleen VA specializes in deep cleaning mini split AC units so you can breathe easier knowing your system is free of any type of microbial contamination.  Our team of trained technicians is ready to serve you throughout Virginia in the WilliamsburgGloucester, Rappahannock, Hampton, Richmond, and Newport News areas. Contact us today to schedule a mini split cleaning and you’ll see why we’re dedicated to providing the best service in the industry.