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How to Determine if Your Mini Split A/C Needs HydroKleen Service

All makes, models and brands of mini split air conditioning systems over 12 months old can benefit from a HydroKleen advanced cleaning service. Not only does HydroKleen result in cleaner, healthier air, it can also improve performance and extend the life of your unit. To determine if your mini split system is due for service, simply follow the steps below.

1. Turn off your mini split air conditioning system.

2. Open the cover, remove the filters and inspect them for dirt and debris.

3. Inspect the coil and fins for a film of dust or dirt.

4. Carefully open the louvers that direct the flow of air and shine a flashlight up toward the fan and other internal components to look for dirt and dust.

5. Check the coil on the outside of the unit (the condenser) for dirt and debris.

If the filters, coils, fan or any other components are covered in dirt, dust or debris, your air conditioner requires a HydroKleen Service.

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