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Why Choose HydroKleen?

We pride ourselves on exceptional service and customer satisfaction, and are committed to improving the performance of your mini split ductless air conditioning system, while delivering improved indoor air quality and energy savings. Our state-of-the-art HydroKleen service is safe and effrective for a variety of mini split makes, models and brands.

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Advanced Cleaning

HydroKleen goes beyond your A/C unit’s filters to thoroughly remove contaminants that can pass through and accumulate in the head of the air conditioning system. Using a cleaning agent and HydroKleen’s revolutionary wet-wash system, we meticulously remove all dirt and contaminants to ensure a spotlessly clean system inside and out.

Improved Air Quality

Airborne particles, bacteria and mold spores can accumulate inside your air conditioning system, triggering allergies, respiratory problems and other health concerns. Our HydroKleen service effectively removes these pollutants, allowing you to breathe easy and enjoy cleaner, healthier, purified air throughout your home.

Increased Energy Efficiency

When your air conditioning unit is clean, it operates more efficiently, which results in lower running  costs and improved energy efficiency. Our HydroKleen service not only ensures your air conditioning system performs optimally, it can potentially reduce your energy consumption by as much as 30%, and lower your energy bills.

Extended Lifespan

Regular maintenance and cleaning are critical to extending the life of your air conditioning unit. HydroKleen’s comprehensive cleaning process helps prevent the buildup of dirt and debris that can lead to system breakdowns, component damage and repairs. We breathe new life into your air conditioner, and ensure it’s protected and well-maintained.