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Man Cave? She Shed? Mini Splits Provide Practical Comfort

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Everyone needs a space in the house to keep their cool stuff and get some alone time. But no matter how awesome your workshop, knitting corner, guitar room, or art studio is, if it’s too hot or too cold, you need to find a practical way to control the climate.

The best solution for heating and cooling man caves, she sheds, or private little nooks in your home is a ductless mini split system. Mini splits are great for small spaces, especially in areas that aren’t connected to your central HVAC system. Whether it’s a space in a basement, attic, above the garage, or an outbuilding on your property, mini splits can do the job.

Maximum Comfort, Minimal Cost

Instead of adding ductwork to a man cave or installing an expensive HVAC system to a she shed, the ductless mini split option provides heating and cooling solutions with just a few components. A simple outdoor compressor connects to an indoor unit with small refrigerant lines that don’t require any large holes for installation. Because there’s no ductwork required, the costs are minimal compared to traditional HVAC.

Since your man cave/she shed is a personal space, you can set the temperature to where it’s comfortable without affecting the rest of the house. If you’re going out of town or won’t be using it for a while, you can simply shut the unit off to save energy.

Once the space is comfortable, no one wants to deal with background noise from heating and cooling systems. Mini split systems run on inverter-driven technology that’s ultra-quiet. They start quietly and run smoothly using a minimal amount of power.

Match the Mini Split to the Space

When you’re looking for the right mini split system for your personal space, it’s important to think about what the unit is being used for. If it’s a basic tool shed, you probably don’t need any HVAC. But for spaces you use to relax or work on a hobby that requires materials or gear that’s sensitive to extreme temperatures, mini splits are the answer.

Remember that mini split AC units will only cool, so if you require heating capability, you need a model with a heat pump to handle both heating and cooling. You’ll also need to calculate the square footage of the space so you will know how many BTUs you need and decide what power source your mini split will use such as electricity, natural gas, etc.

One big benefit of mini-split systems is that they come in various shapes and sizes. If you need to save space, you can choose between wall-mounted mini-splits and ceiling cassette systems.  Once you’ve decided on the right model, you’ll have quiet, high-performance, customizable comfort that doesn’t strain your existing HVAC system.

Don’t Forget to Insulate

Man caves, she sheds, garages, and outbuildings often have less insulation than the main living space of a home. While mini splits work great, lack of insulation makes it harder for units to maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature, especially during extreme weather. Gaps along doors and windows add even more stress.

That’s why tackling insulation issues before installing a mini-split unit is a good idea. Adding insulation and sealing gaps makes the cooling and heating process more effective and reduces the workload on the mini split.

At HydroKleenVA, we work on plenty of mini splits that keep our customers’ man caves and she sheds comfortable year-round. Our experienced technicians will deep clean your mini split to prevent system breakdowns, improve air quality, and keep the power bill manageable. Contact us today to schedule a service and HydroKleenVA will make sure your personal space is always the “coolest” spot in your home.