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she shed

Everyone needs a space in the house to keep their cool stuff and get some alone time. But no matter how awesome your workshop, knitting corner, guitar room, or art studio is, if it’s too hot or too cold, you need to find a practical way to control the climate. The best solution for heating […]

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Ductless mini split systems provide great heating and cooling solutions for commercial spaces. Many types of businesses find that because they can be customized to service all or part of a building and don’t require expensive ductwork or cause any disruption to workflow during installation mini splits make functional and financial sense. What Types of

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When you search the Internet for a company to clean and maintain your mini-split ductless AC system you’ll find links to thousands of businesses that promise great deals and all kinds of special service options. It should be simple to find someone right? Not exactly. There are some companies and technicians who will charge you

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microbial contamination

In a nutshell, microbial contamination refers to the growth of microorganisms. You’ll often hear about it when there’s a botulism or listeria breakout somewhere that’s tied to poor food safety practices. These organisms can also create a safety hazard in your ductless mini split AC system. Why are Mini Split Systems Vulnerable? Your mini split

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