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Why Are More Commercial Properties Turning to Mini Splits?

Ductless mini split systems provide great heating and cooling solutions for commercial spaces. Many types of businesses find that because they can be customized to service all or part of a building and don’t require expensive ductwork or cause any disruption to workflow during installation mini splits make functional and financial sense.

What Types of Commercial Spaces Benefit?

Ductless mini splits work best in smaller commercial spaces or those multiple spaces within larger buildings. Here are a few examples:

Workshop spaces: For workshops such as automotive garages or manufacturing spaces, instead of using portable heaters in winter and fans in the summer, mini splits provide all-season climate control. Mini splits also operate effectively in workshops where wide temperature swings create challenges for traditional HVAC because they can be installed strategically and easily adjusted to maintain consistent temperatures.

Warehouses: Mega-sized warehouses are too large for mini-split systems to handle. However, most warehouses and industrial spaces have smaller offices and break rooms that can be easily heated and cooled with mini splits systems. This provides a more comfortable working environment for employees and focusing the mini split’s use on specific areas of the structure makes the heating/cooling more effective.

Building expansions: When growing businesses add square footage to their existing buildings, installing mini split systems can speed up the construction process by avoiding ductwork and central HVAC installation time. Mini splits also help to save money over time because they efficiently heat and cool the new space without overtaxing the HVAC that covers the original building space.

Restaurant and bars: Managing the temperature in restaurants and bars is tricky because there are doors constantly opening and closing, heat from the kitchen area, and a quickly growing crowd quickly creates the need for airflow. Mini splits are a great solution because they respond quickly to changes in temperature and cool or heat areas much more quickly than traditional AC/heating units.

Commercial Mini Split Advantages

Mini split ductless systems are great for commercial spaces because they offer options when it comes to installation, easily tackle temperature control issues, and cut utility bill costs for businesses of all kinds.

Flexibility: Mini splits are a fantastic solution for areas where installing ductwork isn’t a viable option such as older structures or buildings with limited space. Because mini splits can be independently controlled, the temperature can be customized in each space. For example, a retail store’s shop space can be kept at a more comfortable temperature than a storeroom that doesn’t get much use.

Cost effectiveness: Mini split installation costs are generally lower than traditional HVAC systems and because they are so energy efficient, businesses save money on the power bill. The ability to control the temperature by zone means energy isn’t wasted.

Consistent comfort: Ductless mini splits deliver consistent, even heating and cooling without temperature fluctuations or hot and cold spots in a building. Because each mini split unit can be controlled independently, the climate can be controlled in a way that keeps employees comfortable. For business spaces that need a quiet environment, mini splits work great because they run with very minimal noise.

If your business uses mini splits to handle heating and cooling, contact HydroKleen or give us a call at (757) 585-0044 to find out how our mini split cleaning services can keep your ductless system running efficiently and add years to the lifespan of each unit.