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Who Can I Trust to Deep Clean My Mini Split AC?


When you search the Internet for a company to clean and maintain your mini-split ductless AC system you’ll find links to thousands of businesses that promise great deals and all kinds of special service options. It should be simple to find someone right?

Not exactly. There are some companies and technicians who will charge you for fully cleaning your unit but only clean the filters. Others only have experience maintaining certain brands of mini splits, and some dishonest businesses will even inflate your bill by replacing parts that are still in good working condition.

The easy answer to avoid the hassle and get top-notch mini split services in Southeast Virginia is HydroKleen VA. That’s because we specialize in one thing – cleaning all types of ductless mini split systems.

Why HydroKleen VA?

When one of our experienced techs comes to your home or business, the mini split unit will be thoroughly cleaned, inspected, and sanitized. But what makes us stand out from the competition? The best way to illustrate what we do is with the HydroKleen Checklist. This outlines exactly what tasks our technicians tackle during every service call.

HydroKleen VA’s 19 Point Checklist:

Check air conditioner(s) prior to clean.
Check chill factor prior to clean.
Check air flow.
Remove and clean filters.
Remove and clean all plastic fascia(s).
HydroKleen scroll fan and surround.
HydroKleen evaporator (coils).
Clean and check drain(s).
Dry clean all electrical components (PC Boards).
Sanitize inside unit.
Reassemble air conditioners.
Check chill factor after clean.
Check air flow after clean.
Check remote(s) and clean.
Clean condenser(s) (outside unit).
Clean up all mess.
Apply service sticker to the condenser housing.
Note any post service problem.
Leave contact card/guarantee/checklist.

More Great Reasons to Call HydroKleen VA

At HydroKleen VA, we’re part of a global company that has decades of experience in the air conditioning cleaning business sector. We’re able to take advantage of the parent company’s valuable resources, specially designed tools, and innovative best practices to ensure our clients get the best possible service.

Here’s the HydroKleen difference:

  • We are the only cleaning company to be exclusively approved by the National Asthma Council – Sensitive Choice Program.
  • HydroKleen is the only company in the world that builds equipment specifically designed to clean ductless AC units.
  • HydroKleen guarantees that if you’re not happy with the job we do, there’s no charge.
  • All technicians are certified and qualified through the Air Conditioner Wet Wash Association.
  • HydroKleen invented the Wet Wash System.
  • The HydroKleen Machine is specifically designed to clean air conditioners.

Choosing the right company to clean your ductless mini split system will keep your home comfortable and more importantly protect your family’s health and well-being. Contact us today at HydroKleen VA to schedule your next service call.