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Air Conditioner Cleaning Services in Gloucester, VA

If you own a mini split air conditioning unit, you need HydroKleen. This patented deep cleaning process effectively eliminates airborne pathogens, enhances energy efficiency, and can even prolong the lifespan of your unit. For advanced air conditioning cleaning services in Gloucester County and throughout Virginia’s Southern Peninsula, call us at (757) 585-0044.

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How HydroKleen Works

HydroKleen goes beyond your air conditioner’s filters to meticulously remove dirt, dust and contaminants that can become stuck in the head of your air conditioning system. Our Gloucester A/C cleaning experts use an advanced deep cleaning agent and HydroKleen’s revolutionary wet-wash system to thoroughly remove all pathogens and debris, leaving your air conditioner spotless on the inside and out.

When to Clean Your Air Conditioner

Mini split air conditioning systems over 12 months old should be cleaned by our Gloucester air conditioning cleaning professionals once or twice a year, depending on usage. Air conditioning units used exclusively for cooling should be cleaned every 12 months, while HVAC units used for both heating and cooling, should be cleaned more frequently, at least twice a year.

Schedule Your Mini Split AC Cleaning in Gloucester VA

By scheduling regular cleanings for your mini split air conditioning system, you can enjoy cleaner air and prevent damage to your unit’s components caused by the accumulation of dirt and debris.

We are committed to providing our customers with affordable, effective mini split air conditioning cleaning services in Gloucester and throughout Virginia’s Southern Peninsula. To request a quote or learn more about our HydroKleen air conditioning cleaning services in Gloucester VA, complete the form below.

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