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Why Dust Can be a Problem in Your Home

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Dust can be a problem for many reasons, not simply because it makes your house look unclean and unwelcoming!

Looking after your health

Inhaling dust can be harmful to your health. Dust can trigger inconvenient allergies, serious asthma attacks and other respiratory illnesses and infections. Generally, dust around the home won’t cause serious damage to healthy individuals, however for those who are more susceptible to these illnesses, it can be a serious problem.

Looking after your appliances

Electrical appliances, such as televisions, computers and air conditioners can be damaged from too much dust. Air conditioners in particular, are prone to damage from dust on the filters and coils. The dust clogs up the filter and coils, stopping air from passing through effectively. It also causes microbial contamination, such as mold and mildew to start growing in the air conditioner, adding additional elements of concern for allergy and asthma suffers.

Managing Dust on Surfaces and in the Air

Dust can be found both on the surfaces of your home, such as furniture, window furnishings and electrical devices, as well as in the air. Dust on surfaces can be managed through regular cleaning, vacuuming with a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner and choosing furniture that is less likely to encourage dust mites such as sofas made with anti-microbial foam to reduce dust mites breeding. Avoiding carpet and rugs can also make a significant different to the amount of dust in your home.

In the air, managing dust can be effective through a proper clean and sanitize of your air conditioner. The air conditioner will spread dust and other microbial contamination through the air when it is dirty. In some cases, you will see evidence of this dust landing on the furniture in front of an air conditioner!

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