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Case Study: A/C Cleaning Service in Seaford, VA

The HydroKleen team was recently contacted by a homeowner in Seaford, VA whose ductless mini split air conditioner was underperforming. The unit simply wasn’t cooling the room, but an advanced A/C cleaning service with HydroKleen was able to instantly increase airflow and significantly improve cooling. 

Before HydroKleen

Upon thoroughly inspecting the ductless mini split HVAC unit, our Seaford A/C technicians discovered it was quite dirty, and would need to be cleaned twice to fully remove the dust, dirt and debris that had accumulated in the filters, fan and evaporator coil.

before cleaning dirty coil

After HydroKleen

To protect the homeowner’s belongings, furniture was moved and drop cloths were taped around the unit. Using a cleaning agent and HydroKleen’s revolutionary wet-wash system, our experienced mini split A/C technicians meticulously removed all dirt and contaminants to ensure a spotlessly clean system inside and out. After a second cleaning, the air flow increased by 15% and the cooling temperature dropped by 24%. The customer was so pleased with the results that he signed up for our annual HydroKleen A/C cleaning service on all of his mini split air conditioning units. 

after 2
after cleaning inspection_edit

Choose HydroKleen for A/C Cleaning in Seaford, VA

Regular maintenance and cleaning not only results in cleaner, healthier air, it can also improve performance and prevent larger issues from developing into repairs or replacement. When used exclusively for cooling your home, mini split ductless systems should be serviced once a year by a professional HVAC technician, and twice annually if also used for heating your home.

Regardless of when your unit was last cleaned, if you notice the filters, coil or fan on your ductless mini split air conditioner are covered in dust, or you experience issues with cooling or reduced air flow, contact our experienced A/C technicians in Seaford, VA, or give us a call at (757) 585-0044

Our HydroKleen advanced A/C cleaning service is available in Port Meyers, Sommerville, Cheadle Loop and throughout Seaford, VA.