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More Restaurants are Choosing Mini Splits

Hydrokleen VA Keeps them Running Restaurant owners have a lot on their plates. From extremely tight profit margins to making sure patrons are not only happy with the food, but the atmosphere. If a restaurant is too hot or cold there’s a good chance customers may not be back. That’s where mini split ductless systems come in. They are affordable, energy efficient, and flexible enough to work well with any type of floor plan. But once they are installed, especially in kitchen areas, mini splits need to be regularly cleaned and maintained to function optimally. Here’s how savvy restaurant owners are using mini split systems effectively.
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Creating multiple heating, cooling zones

Restaurant owners understand that it can be difficult to manage the temperature when doors are constantly opening and closing, the kitchen is generating heat, and the crowd in the dining room creates the need for more air flow in a hurry.

Mini splits are a great solution because they respond quickly to changes in temperature and cool or heat areas much more quickly than traditional AC/heating units. At HydroKleen VA, we know how hard these units work, particularly in hot, smoky kitchen areas, and our techs can keep them operating efficiently.

Energy efficient solutions

 The power bill is an expense that restauranteurs keep a close eye on. Money that literally goes out the door in AC/heating costs doesn’t help the bottom line. The ability to have a mini split solution to take advantage of the natural environment is a bonus.

Establishments may have open windows, or tables in areas that have lots of natural light that need different temperatures over the course of the day. Choosing the appropriate size and type of air conditioning for your venue can also make a significant difference to electricity costs.

Keeping Mini Splits Clean, Efficient

It’s important to keep your restaurant’s mini splits clean, especially units that are in the busy kitchen area. Kitchens are full of heat generating equipment and combined with steam, fats, and smells mini splits work hard and get dirty quickly. This leads to inefficient operation of the system and microbial contamination that builds up much faster than a residential unit.

Keeping your mini split filters, coils and fans clean ensures reduced running costs and less hygiene issues for your restaurant. Appropriate ventilation also keeps workers and patrons comfortable and ensures any unpleasant kitchen smells are filtered out before they reach the dining room. 

With all the responsibilities that go along with running a restaurant, at HydroKleen VA we understand that creating a comfortable dining environment is just one piece of the puzzle. Our experienced crew is ready to work with you to handle the cleaning and maintenance of your mini split systems. A HydroKleen is the best way to get your system cleaned and sanitized. Contact our team to get a quote for your restaurant today.